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Autumn 2014

In the interest of providing better lines of communication among our community, the Board of Directors has created this Web site. It is our hope that through better understanding, we can all work together for a better Fairharbor. We will be adding additional features in due course of time. Meanwhile, please enjoy the site and be sure to check back regularly for updates. Thank you.


The Board has agreed to install automatic gates at both entrances to the community. This decision was made for two main reasons:

Security - Over the last several years, Fairharbor has unwillingly become an overflow parking lot for the Dublin Deck. Despite the merchant's efforts of providing security on the weekends, the problem continues to grow and create an inconvenience and security issue for Fairharbor's residents.  Automated gates will immediately eradicate this ongoing problem.

Property Values - Communities with automated access gates, also known as "Gated Communities," command higher resale prices and retain their values better. Installing automated gates will increase your investment and widen the market for potential buyers now and in the future. 

The automated parking gates will allow all shareholders and invited guests to enter the property effortlessly at all times. Construction will begin in November and take approximately three weeks to complete. The proper use and functions of the gates will be provided prior to operation. There will be no out of pocket expense to the shareholders for this community improvement.


We would like to think common courtesy would be enough in matters of pet waste.  However, since that doesn't seem to be enough for everyone, the House Rules mandate that everyone walk their dogs only in the designated dog walk area (or off-site).   Further, dog walkers are required to pick-up their pet's waste not only in the dog walk area, but also anywhere on the property if your pet has an accident.  Bags are provided for your convenience.  Thank you for your cooperation!


In an effort to further communication and involve shareholders, the Board of Directors will begin utilizing a suggestion box.  It is located at the mailbox kiosk on the SW side and labeled.  The Board appreciates any helpful suggestions to enhance our community.  We ask that any ideas also include possible solutions.  We also ask that suggestions be signed so that we can contact you with any questions.  Unsigned comments will not be considered.  Thank you.





  • Shareholders must submit a current Shareholder Information form to Soundview Management no later than July 1st, 2014.  It is critical that the cooperative have this information so that we will be able to contact you in the event of an emergency. 
  • in order to obtain your updated 2014 parking sticker, you must submit the Information Form. You may request the sticker from Soundview Management.  Alternatively, you may request the sticker in person from the Superintendent, who will be in his office on-site for this purpose on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 3:30 to 4:30 PM, during the month of June.
  • All 2014 stickers must be permanently adhered to the vehicle; all old stickers must be removed.  Due to security issues with the Dublin Deck, only vehicles with current stickers will be permitted access to the property.
  • After July 1, 2014, all resident vehicles without a current parking sticker will be towed.  Non-residents must park in the designated Visitor Parking area or also risk being towed.
  • All untagged bicycles will be removed from the Bicycle Rooms and donated September 1st, 2014.
  • Custom Landscaping performs their weekly maintenance on Wednesdays. Please be sure their access to green space is not impeded.
  • Please make note of the signs posted throughout the community that detail garbage removal days.  Parking in these areas creates a hazard for residents and the refuse company on pick-up days.



As you are probably already aware, Fairharbor has benefitted from many Major Capital Improvements during recent years, none of which resulted in special assessments for our shareholders. These include new roofs, gutters and leaders, completely new paved surfaces (parking lot, sidewalks, curbs), a new laundry room and more.
In the interest of bettering our community, we have made several more improvements over the last few years.

See details here...



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